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Welcome To BMKS Pigeons

Muhammad Bashir Khan {Aligh}



I am Mohammad Kamileen Khan of Karachi Pakistan. I have studied up to Intermediate with ten yeas of schooling and two years of College studies.

I shall be 46 on 2007. Since childhood I have been fascinated, and am still fascinated, with Pigeon Fancy and have remained an active Fancier all my Life. Infect my father was also a dedicated Fancier from his childhood till he died at the age of 84 years in 1987 and I inherited the fancy from him. He belonged to a respectable educated family of Aligarh, a venerable seat of learning in India. He graduated from the Alighar Muslim University, the only Muslim University in pre-portion India, and was quite a literary figure. He had developed some very good breeds of High Flier there and was a well known Fancier of Alighar of his time.

Following are the names of all Fancier of U. P. India are from one family: -
1    Moahmmed Shahamat Khan (ansister) (Late)
2    Mohammed Basharat Khan (Late)
3    Mohammed Najeeb Khan (Great Grand Father) (Late)
4    Abdul Shakoor Khan (Grand Father) (Late)
5    Mohammed Bashir Khan (Aligh) (Settle Karachi 1950) (Late)
6    Mohammed Saghir Khan Aligh (Settle Karachi 1950) (Late)
7    Mohammed Zahir Khan (Settle Karachi 1950) (Late)
8    Mohammed Naseer Khan (Alighar U P India) (Late)
9    Ayub Khan (Late)
10    Majeed Khan (Late)
11    Rasheed Khan (Late)
12    Isakh Khan (Late)
13    Hameed Khan (Late)
14    Idrees Khan (Late)
15    Madam Aisha Khan (Late)
16    Ustad Bullay Khan (Late)
17    Shafi Mohammed Khan (Late)
18    Sami Mohammed Khan (Channan Khan)
19    Ustad Umer Khan (Bhatola Alighar) (Late)
20    Sarfraz Khan (Alighar U P India) (Late)
21    Nabi Mohammed Khan (Alighar U P India) (Late)
22    Mohammed Murasleen Khan (UAE & Karachi)
23    Kamileen Khan (Karachi)
24    Fahmeed Akhtar Khan
25    Razi Mohammed Khan
26    Azhar Sami Khan
27    Mohammed Nasir Khan (Grand Son Haji Makki Alighar)
28    Doctor Arshad (USA).
My father migrated to Pakistan in 1950 bringing with him considerable number of High Fliers that he had developed in his lifetime there in India. He enjoyed this fancy during his entire life I still have some birds from his breeds. Although I do not take active part in competitions my bird do compete at some lofts of my friends.

I shall be posting pictures of some of my High Fliers, which are called Kabli in Karachi and in other parts of Sind Province of Pakistan.

My elder brother, Mursaleen Khan is also a very keen Fancier of High Fliers and is settled in Dubai. He has great collection of High Fliers from Punjab. He is a well-known figure in Dubai flying Fanciers and has very good flying record at his credit. In addition to the high Flier breeds that I have in lofts, I also possess a large number of Fancy Breeds. 

I shall post pictures of these Breeds on this Web Site, in addition to my High Flier Breeds.  I invite all flying and non-flying brother Fanciers who love this noble bird to avail and enjoy and contribute to this Site, as it is open to all friends.
Yours in the sport,

Mursaleen Khan

Kamileen Khan
Following are the names of some of his well-known contemporary Fanciers of Sindh, Pakistan: -
1    Mohammed Bashir Khan (Aligh) Late
2    Mohammed Saghir Khan (Aligh) Late
3    Mohammed Zaheer Khan (Late)
4    Ustad Mursaleen Khan & Kamileen Khan
5    Ustad Yousuf (Presedent of all Karachi Pigeons Association)
6    Asif Ali Chasti
7    Mohammed Mubeen Khan (FIA) (Late)
8    Nooruddin (Junaghar) (Late)
9    Mohammed Afzaal (Junaghar) (Late)
10    Mohammed Abrar(Late)
11    Nawab Wasif (Mehmoodabad India)
12    Manzoor Saith (Junaghar) (Late)
13    Hujjatullah Jafri (Ilahabad)
14    Ustad Shamshad (Alighar) (Late)
15    Chaudhary Farzand Ali
16    Ustad Hamid (Alighar)
17    Ustad Irfan (Kalay Khan)
18    Waqar Alam
19    Ustad Najeeb Walee
20    Ustad Ghani Baloch
21    Ustad Abdul Jabbar Baloch
22    Ustad Billu
23    Anwar Ahmed Khan
24    Ustad Anwar (Hyderabad Sindh, Agra)
25    Ustad Ghulam Hussain (Hyderabad, sindh) (Jalinder)
26    Ustad Sohail Tekhedar (Hyderabad, Sindh)
27    Mr. Sardar Qayyum
28    Dr. Amjad
29    Mr. Hashim Ishakh

Following are the names of some of his well-known contemporary Fanciers of Punjab, Pakistan: -
1    Ustad Akhlaq Ahmed Khan (Lahore)
2    Ustad Malik Bashir (Jehlam)
3    Malik Tariq (Jehlam) (New Yourk)
4    Malik Talat (Jehlam) (USA)
5    Malik Tahir (England)
6    Malik Sajjad (Jehlam)
7    Ustad Aftab (Billa) Lahore
8    Ustad Lala Ghulam Fareed
9    Ustad Karim Bakhsh (Sialkot)
10    Ustad G. Fareed (Lahore)
11    Ustad Lala Hans Raj (Sialkot)
12    Ustad Sana (Lahore)
Following are the names of some of his well-known contemporary Fanciers of U. P. India: -
1    Moulvi Mohammed Jan Khan, Nawab of Dadoo (Alighar U P India) 
2    Nawab Ifrahim Khan (Magistrate of Borachi, Alighar U P India)
3    Mohammed Hafiz Khurja (Alighar U P India)
4    Thakur Namlee (Alighar U P India)
5    Misri Lal (Alighar U P India)
6    Moti Lal (Alighar U P India)
7    Mohammed Khan (Alighar U P India)
8    Ali Jan (Alighar U P India)
9    Doctor Abdullah Khan Nasar Aligh (Settle Punjab Sodhra 1950
10    Hasnain Zaidi (Settle Sahiwal 1950)
11    Hafiz Hidayat Ali Khan
12    Ustad Jumman Merot
13    Ustad Bullo Merot
14    Ustad Bundu Khan (Rampur
15    Becha Khan Rampur
16    Ustad Bhuray (Khurja Buland sher
17    Nawab Shamso Mian
18    Chand Mian Mansoor Mian (Shajahan Pur District Tlir)
19    Ustad Khuda Bakhsh
20    Nawab Chanda Mian (Chanda Khani Kalsiray)
21    Ustad Ajjoo Khan (Feroz Pur Settle in Dehli)
22    Nematullah Jafri (Ilahbad)
23    Rehmatullah Jafri.

Following are the names of some of his well-known contemporary Fanciers of U A E: -
1    Ustad Mursaleen Khan (Dubai & Karachi)
2    Ustad Majeed Irani (Dubai & Iran)
3    Ustad Ahmed Al-Khumeri (Abu Dhabi)
4    Ustad Anwar (Lahore, Abu Dhabi)
5    Ustad Ahmed (Abu Dhabi)
6    Ustad Rehmat (Abu Dhabi)
7    Ustad Babar (Dubai)
8    Ustad Mohammed Ali Yousuf (Dubai)
9    Ustad Jamal (Dubai)
10    Ustad Mohammed Kazim (Dubai)
11    Ustad Abdullah (Sharja)
12    Ustad Abdullah (Dubai)
13    Ustad Yousuf Mohammed Ali Yousuf (Dubai)
14    Ustad Babar Gujjar Khan
15    Ustad Jamil Gummar Khan
16    Ustad Aslam (Jehlam)
17    Ustad Inayat Tam Tam (Lahore)
18    Ustad Ali Haider (Dubai)
19    Ustad Iftikhar (Wazirabad)
20    Ustad Rehmatullah (Sialkot, Rasal Khema)
21    Ustad Ilyas (Lahore, Duabi)
22    Ustad Malik Sadaad (Wazirabad, Dubai).